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Sailor Stylin'

The first official "Nuke 'Em Till They Glow!!" spin-off, written as a result of voting on this very web site. In the first adventure of Sailor V and The Cute and Fluffy Formerly One-shot Warrior for Love and Justice, Sailor Stylin', out heroines face off with a mysterious invasion of monsters of the undead persuasion, and Sailor V begins to wonder just how much information and equipment Artemis is holding back from her… (Comedy / Adventure) Sailor V / Nuke 'Em Til They Glow!! crossover.

Sailor V

Chapter 1: READY?! GO!!!


Chapter 2: On the Bridge Again!


Chapter 3: Cool! A Competent Villain?!


Editor's note: The excellent Sailor Stylin' illustration provided by Esa Karjalainen. Click on the image to see a full-size, uncropped version. The same for the headshot next to the title, except that I don't remember who drew it… But the full-size version of Lynn in a green dress with the Crystal Wink Sword is very, very nicely done.

The results of the voting for chapter 4 are as follows:

Question 1: What kind of evil things would you like to see invade the headquarters of the British Motor Boat Police?

The winner at 69% is: All of the above! And throw in some of Brian Randall's Reavers! Coming in a distant second is answer #3: Ninjas, ninjas, ninjas!, at 21%.

Question 2: And you STILL want to have S and V win?!

The answer is: Yes! Of course!!!, at 67%.

Question 3: Want some WAFF beforehand?

The answer is: Eh, sure. It's good for the soul, at 85%.

I am faced with an odd sort of dilemma. There were sufficient requests to warrant a NETTG spin-off of this sort, which was billed as a Sailor V/Sailor Moon/NETTG/Rockman X crossover/spin-off.

Even without the Rockman stuff, the problem with writing such an unruly beast is that a decision would have to be made on whether to use the Manga Sailor V, or to use something or the other based on the snippet of Sailor V plot from the Sailor Moon anime.

I've read the Sailor V manga scripts in preparation for this project, but it's an awful lot to take in, and there are likely only a few people that have read the actual thing. It is, with no doubt, a very, very nice series, and has some rather well developed characters, including but not limited to that weird, wacky, wild card-chucking Ace-guy and Minako's other friends, along with the entire villain set.

But, that's a lot to presume with only having read the scripts.

And the problem with taking the anime version is that there just is not enough material to go off of to make a bona fide series by itself.

So, I'll just do what I always have: make something up and hope nobody notices how completely, glaringly WRONG it all is. Either that or take whatever suggestions and corrections others have to offer. Besides, if no one knows it's wrong, it ain't wrong!!! ^_^

Either way, what bliss!

In any case, this story isn't about plot. It's about—

*Dramatic, cutesy music!!!*

(An orange-haired fourteen-year-old in a very lacy, ribbony, stylized sailor suit with a short skirt and a bare midriff hops on set.)

Sailor Stylin' (strikes a pose): It's about LOVE! (blows a kiss) FASHION! (twirls a ribbon in her long hair) It's about finding evil and fighting it! (whips out a glittering sword and swings it around) And that means you! (winks, giggling)

Let the spin-off madness begin!

—Benjamin A. Oliver.

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