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An Azumanga Daioh spamfic
by Benjamin A. Oliver

Begin… or was that Start? Ah, well.


Nosferatu, the occult powers, and aliens…. I'd heard and read about them all, but I had thought they were just things from ghost stories, meant to scare us. But now I know that they must exist.

A dear friend of mine is under their control. Somehow, she succumbed to their wiles and became their slave. To most people, she appears to act normal, but when I look into her eyes, all I can see is emptiness. She moves and speaks with an intelligence that is not her own.

I have dreamt — or perhaps better said, seen in visions — how they are manipulating her. They sit upon her head, visible yet hidden, demanding her total obedience and forcing their dark power to course through her veins. Indeed, under their influence, I have even seen her fly. Who knows what else she may be capable of?

If there's one thing about aliens, ghosts, or whatever force binds her, there is almost certainly a wicked plot behind it, the scale of which I can only begin to fathom. If someone as bright as her can fall to them, how much longer will it be before others follow? If an invasion or infestation is what they have in mind, we may not have much time left.

Saving her may not be easy. That which throttles her psyche may decide to fight back, possibly killing her or me in the process. Still, I believe that they can be removed. It may have been in a vision, but I saw it done. They cannot both be dealt with at the same time, at risk of harming my poor friend. But was it the one on the right, or on the left, which must be taken care of first?

Curse my memory! I fear that if this goes on much longer, there will be nothing left I can do for her, but if I act improperly, the outcome may be the same.

And yet, I must remember that humanity is at stake if the twin demons get loose and infect others. My home, my family, my friends… all could be lost if I sit back and do nothing!

Those two monsters have to be stopped.

And I have to stop them.

—An excerpt from the diaries of Kasuga Ayumu

"Osaka-san, quit tugging on my ponytails!"

"Oh no, this is worse than I thought! They're stuck!"

"What's stuck?!"

"I'm sorry, Chiyo-chan! But, for the sake of the human race, it has to be done!"

"Hey, what are you doing with those scissors — AAAH!"



"This is very bad. Their eggs are gone, but so are they. They must have hidden inside your head now! Don't worry. I'll get them out for you!"



Fín… Or was that Flipper? I can never remember. ^_^

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