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An alternate universe retelling of Nuke 'Em Till They Glow!!, this tale was inspired by the various remakes of Tenchi Muyo! and has no relation to the original story except the characters and basic outline. It's not a continuation, and tends to be darker. (Comedy-adventure / Semi-Dark) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

Chapter 1: Just Plain Wrong

Chapter 2: Indubitability Factor 'Shroom…

Chapter 3: Whack the Negamafoozles!

Chapter 4: …The Whole Crew Already?

Chapter 5: And Then They All Died

Chapter 6: But It Was Just a Dream

Chapter 7: But the Dream Was Real!

Chapter 8: Plotting, Meditation, Torture, and Knitting?

Chapter 9: The Plot Thickens

Chapter 10: Then it Jibbers a Bit

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