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The Atomic Starlight Knight has had a long and boring existence since the days of the Silver Millennium, when he was the personal avatar of a powerful and destructive being. Now he no longer remembers who that being was, or what she was like, but he knows that she's out there somewhere, and he needs to be part of her again… NETTG is another dose of insanity from the Oliver household, chock full of ArbyFish and other assorted dementia. (Comedy / Adventure) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

NETTG can be found in the original text format at http://dnyx.tripod.com/NETTG.html.
Click here to download a zipped copy of all current chapters in text format.

2005 Fukufics Awards2002 Chicken Ball Award WinnerNuke 'Em Til They Glow!! won the Funniest Fanfic Award in the 2002 Chicken Ball Awards.

Nuke 'Em Til They Glow!! won the Best Humor Award in the 2005 Fukufics Awards. Award graphic by the Lost Librarian, Larry F. The original award graphic was too large, so it's being stored in Ben's fan art.

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Chapter 10, the Second Season

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Chapter 11


NETTG!! Extras

Pink Dreams: An ArbyFish Odyssey The origin story of Bruce, the White ArbyFish.

'Chapter 11' April Fool's Joke   Text  Meant as a joke about how things would go after chapter 10, it turned out to be a preview of chapter 10-2. Shows that the story is already so weird that it's hard to do a parody of it!

NETTG Illustrations and Fan Art

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