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ArbyFish: An Overview  Text
by Daniel R. Oliver
Arbyfish1.jpg (38518 bytes)A learnéd treatise on the history, distribution, biology, and society of ArbyFish. Not to be read on an empty stomach. Not to be read while operating heavy machinery. If symptoms persist, take two 'shrooms and disengage all thinking processes. (Silliness)

Note: This is a support document for the stories "Nuke 'Em Til They Glow!!" and "A Shroomy Fanfic Story", not a fan fiction story itself.
Ben's Announcement This is the announcement of the opening of this web page that Ben made to the FFML. It was suggested that a copy be posted here because it's an entertaining read all on its own. (Comedy)
NETTG Continuation Trailer An announcement written for the FFML by Dan Oliver when Ben decided to continue work on NETTG after a long hiatus. (Comedy)
NETTG Sailor Stylin' Spin-off Trailer The original announcement for what became the "Codename: Project Sailor Stylin' " spin-off. This is a series about Sailor Stylin' and Sailor V's adventures in London.  (Comedy)
Pink Dreams: An ArbyFish Odyssey A NETTG side story describing the origins of Bruce, the White ArbyFish.
Revenge of the Chiyo Snatchers
An Azumanga Daioh short story by Benjamin A. Oliver.
Second Place Winner, 100th Newsletter Short Story ContestIn honor of the Lost Library's 100th newsletter, this story was written as an entry in a spamfic contest. (Comedy)

"Revenge of the Chiyo Snatchers" won second place in the Lost Library 100th Newsletter Short Story Contest.
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